The primary purpose of using anabolic drugs, such as testosterone, steroids and growth hormone, is to trigger added muscle beyond what is attainable naturally with training and diet... Read More

In muscle building, it is important to give every bodypart sufficient attention with training. This is especially true when it comes to antagonistic muscles such as the bicep-tricep ... Read More

Can you get into contest condition without doing cardio? Probably not. There have been a only few individuals who were able to do that, most notably Dexter Jackson. Eventually, even ... Read More

There are some trainers/gurus/coaches/science geeks who say that you cannot do a damn thing about the shape of your muscles, as it’s 100 percent genetically determined. Others ... Read More

I prefer negative training for increasing tendon strength. Eccentric, or negative, training aides collagen production. Tendons have a slow metabolic rate with limited blood supply, ... Read More

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